Ananda Pagoda Festival

Ananda Pagoda Festival

When one thinks of Bagan in Myanmar, the ethereal sight of pagodas as far as your eyes can take you, comes to mind. So grand are these ancient pagodas, that an entire festival celebrates their centuries old beauty. More so, they are a constant reminder to Myanmar’s rich history and resonance with spirituality. The Ananda Pagoda Festival brings in focus the Ananda Pagoda, which is the largest and finest of the pagodas in the city. It was built in early 11th century by Kyansittha, as a representation of the endless wisdom of Buddha.

The month long festival underlines this pagoda out of the thousands of other monuments in the city. The winter month of January is ideal to explore the town and attend the festival. Ensure that you catch the full moon day of the month, where celebrations are at an all time-high. Devotees and spiritual travellers from around the world congregate here to see the consecration.

The festive vibe is not limited to the Ananda pagoda alone, but also the surrounding areas. Lines of stalls selling local food and bric-a-bracs flank the roads around the pagoda. People can stroll around and take in the views and local flavours of Bagan and its most significant pagoda.

Best Cities: Bagan
Month: January

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