Signature experiences for the first-timer

Classic India

Contemporary vibe of a metropolitan, historical legacies left behind in stone, wild encounters with leopards, architectural splendour, ancient temples and the oldest living city of the world...
Living the high life in India

High Life

Handpicking the most memorable experiences for a first-timer to India can be challenging, especially when the country has so much to offer. In this trip, you get to experience the varied hues of India...
A roar away from Asiatic lions

Discovering Gujarat

An unassuming charm with an undertone of rapid growth has always been the vibe of Gujarat, India’s western most state. While major cities don the avtaar of moderization, not too far...
Southern soujourn

Best of South India

Calling the southern part of India, the ‘sauna’ of the country won’t be too heretical. The five major states of India, lie below the belly of the country and plunge into the ocean - Bay of Bengal...
Showcase of tribal life and meandering rivers of the east.

Cruising through the eastern edge of India

One of the least explored states of India, Arunachal Pradesh lies in the far east, sharing its border with China. The state is a cultural hot-spot with over 26 tribes in the region, with many local festivals...
The land of enchanting Himalayan vistas

The Incredible Cold Desert

The Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir is an unusal but gloriously different from anything else that you might have seen. The cold desert region at the foot of the Himalayas, has its capital in the city of Leh, from where many bumpy mountain roads radiate to stunning valleys...
Into the wild and ancient heart of India

The Heart and Soul of India

If you stick a pin in the centre of the country, it’s likely to mark Madhya Pradesh right in the heart of India. The state is home to the largest number of wildlife sanctuaries in the country...
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