Aligning The Mind Body And Soul

SwaSwara, Gokarana (South of Goa), India

Aligning The Mind Body And Soul

SwaSwara (inner voice) is the ideal name of the property that offers the ideal environs to bring rhythm to one’s mind, body and soul. Situated on Om beach in Gokarana, a small seaside hamlet south of Goa, the holistic healing resort is designed for a transformational experience. Ayurveda and Yoga are the cornerstones of SwaSwara – veritable pillars – on which the rejuvenating experiences are shaped.

SwaSwara is neither and ashram nor a spa – but it resonates the mindfulness of an ashram and combines it with expert treatments of a spa, to offer a simple but luxurious journey to balance and harmony. For the success of the harmonizing of the mind and body, it is imperative to stay for at least 5 days. The time-line can go up to 21 days if you like. Apart from expert advice and treatments, hill-top sea-facing pavilions for meditation dot the property. Richly green and surrounded by the best of nature, the resort offers an uplifting experience from all quarters. It percolates to the cuisine and the travel experiences as well. Food is curated as per you body type with the help of a nutritionist. Local Ecology and community are also a significant part of the experience, as SwaSwara draws upon the local insights for better understanding of the region.


Embedded in earthy experiences
Focus on the mind, body and soul
Follow the tenets of Ayurveda and Yoga
Soothing sea-side location


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