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Cruises by Assam Bengal Navigation


Real travellers will walk the mile to have a view of unblemished nature. They can also do that on a large vessel in a river. As a delightful alternative to road travel, cruise vessels allow for a unique and intimate perspective of seeing a destination. The top cruise company that traverses the Assam, Bengal and other regions in India, is a spectacular option to see the heart of the states.

Few cabins on the ship are ideal to have more fun. Each vessel has a handful of cabins in different room types to allow guests to choose what might suit them best. The décor of the rooms is modern and stylish. Balconies accompany the rooms – a great place for a look out versus going on the deck at all times. There are air-conditioners in each room, as the plains tend to get hot. Colonial elegance is a mark of style in these rooms, with traditional Indian-inspired designs on hand-blocked cotton fabrics for furnishings. There are comfortable saloons and bars on the ship, along with a dining room with elaborate options for each meal. The large canopied sundeck is where most guests like to relax in the day. They have the option of using the on-board spa for a variety of treatments.

It is the view and the stops that one makes on the vessel that makes the trip superlative. The on-board guides and concierge helps in giving you a 360-degree perspective of the destination.


On Board Spa
Extensive Dining Options
Private Balconies
Knowledgeable Guides


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