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Phum Baitang, Siem Reap, Cambodia


Fringed by lush lemon grass meadows, rice paddies and gardens, Phum Baitang helps turn the gaze from tourist spots and history to the vast natural wealth of the nation. Wedged in the middle of an all-green 8-acre palate, the resort has found just the right rhythm between amenities and offering a natural way of living. Choose from pool and terrace villas. No matter which one you pick, you’re always in company of verdant surroundings and crisp, clear air of the countryside. The signature aesthetics are taken from local Cambodian themes; wooden housing, use of local materials and earthy colours. The amenities, though, are superlative and nothing short of luxurious. Think, coffee makers, kettles, TVs, mini bar and other essentials.

Cambodian and International flavours offer the traveller a variety of food options. All restaurants overlook the charming countryside setting. The farm to table concept is followed in the restaurants, ensuring that you get a taste of the local paddy and authentic dishes inspired from the Cambodian kitchens. The Cigar & Cocktail Lounge pays a humble homage to the country’s colonial legacy; choose from an array of premium cocktails and cigars from the menu.

Hues of the Angkor can be seen in the in-house spa. Equally grand are the rejuvenating treatments that come with the décor. The infinity pool, yoga and the serene environs help in feeling completely relaxed. While all of these add up to make you feel refreshed, the nature-adjacent location of the hotel does half the job anyway.


7 treatment rooms in the Angkor style spa
Nature focused living
Tribute to Cambodian history through food


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