In Nature’s Backyard

Paradisa Plantation Retreat, Idduki


Paradisa Plantation Retreat is located in Idduki, one of the lushest locations in the already green-paletted Kerala. Here, the forest gives company throughout your time and when you want to retreat to the comforts of your room, luxury awaits. The hotel is blessed with a variety of landscapes, which is the highlight of the trip for many guests. Even in a small duration they can get an essence of Kerala’s plantation life. The smell of coffee and spices is a constant presence during your stay. To those smitten by raw nature this is the ideal place to relax and hit pause on life’s treadmill.

The architecture of the retreat is hinged on traditional Kerala style wooden houses. Antique columns and artifacts, that have a timeless essence have been procured from old mansions and an ancient peaceful world has been recreated. The cultural value of staying in a place like this is inimitable.

While you take in the richness of the accommodation, there are other things to keep you engaged. Ayurveda is a big part of the experience. Trained masseurs translate their knowledge of this ancient practice with rejuvenating treatments. Apart from soaking in the peaceful surroundings, one can also try the easy walking trails and plantation walks. Since Paradisa Plantation Retreat is a corporate member of the Peermade Club, an old planters’ club the guests have access to their golf course.


Comprehensive Spa and Wellness Therapies
In-house Ayurveda Spa
Experience Of Living In Ancient Keralan Home
Access to Golf Course


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