Into The Wilderness

Uma Como, Paro, Bhutan


Offering an intimate experience of Bhutan and its stunning mountains is cornerstone of Como Uma’s hospitality. Add to that a yoga and wellness hook, and there cannot be a more rejuvenating place. Uma Como allows for an escape in the magical Himalayan Kingdom in its 29-roomed property, with luxury close at hand. The retreat is well known for its private villas wedged on hilltops, so one can get a great view of the countryside.

There are 9 private villas and 20 luxury rooms that resonate the décor and artistic touch of traditional Bhutanese tenor. The rooms either over look pine forests or deep valleys. The private balcony in each room is the most coveted spot of the hotel. Uma’s dining experience is rooted in organic sources, whether its procuring vegetables from the hotel’s own kitchen garden or getting things from the villages around. But it is the wellness factor that ups the ante for the experience. The hotel offers a full range of holistic, Asian-inspired treatments including Ayurveda. Bhutanese hot stone bathhouses, a large indoor pool with a sundeck, steam rooms, a gym and yoga studio are the highlights for travellers who want a rejuvenating holiday.

Other experiences that guests can sign up for are watching local archers, picnic in a forest and overland drive through the stunning terrain. You can also have a guided walk to the Tiger Nest Monastery.


Intimate Tryst with Bhutan
Watching local archers
Stunning View Points From The property
Wholesome Wellness Treatments


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