Nurture the soul in the lap of the Himalayas

Dwarika’s Himalayan Resort, Dhulikhel, Nepal

Nurture The Soul In The Lap Of The Himalayas

Being in the company of the Himalayas is therapeutic enough, but when you’re staying at Dwarika’s Himalayan Resort, the experience is otherworldly. Imagine a 180-degree view of the snowcapped towering peaks, cradled by white clouds and back-dropped by a bright blue sky. The picture is ethereal. But that’s just what you can expect at the Himalayan retreat.

Add to that, some of the signature experiences of Dwarika for a magnificent time in the lap of the Himalayas. Tuning into your inner rhythm is prime. Getting the mind, body and earth to connect is Dwarika’s aim. Everything is geared for this to succeed – be it in the living, the wellness packages and even the dining. A blend of Vedic Philosophy and Buddhist Medicine is designed to nurture the soul. This can be achieved with the guidance of a doctor and naturopathy expert, meditation, yoga and astrology masters, Hindu priest and visiting monk.

To complement the holistic environment, each suite is designed differently, but follows the same tenor of connectedness with earth. Meals too, are thoughtfully prepared, with fresh seasonal and local produce.


Enriching environment
Expert aid for soul nourishment
Stunning view of the Himalayas


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