Perfect place to do nothing

Villa Inle Resort and Spa, Inle Lake, Myanmar

Perfect Place To ‘Do Nothing’

Harmony with nature throws the perfect results where relaxation and unwinding is concerned. Villa Inle hits the ideal balance with the lakeside villas that are in tune with the natural environment and allow for comforts. They offer grand views of boats gliding in the shimmering waters, buffaloes wallowing in the shallow parts and native and migratory birds standing patiently to catch fish.

The rooms at the resort resonate the theme of the local art, featuring local paintings of Myanmar, Inle and Shan ethnic people, high wooden ceilings, and large living areas and bathrooms. While it is a luxurious pod, the natural abundance outside offers the safe embrace of nature. The lakefront balcony and floor to ceiling windows allow for you to not be far from nature.

Most guests come here to switch off, and hit pause on the journey. The local cuisines and travel experiences allow them to refresh rejuvenate by simply doing nothing.


Nature’s embrace
Emphasis on enriching the local community
Excellent view of the lake


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