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Nadesar Palace, Varanasi, India


The Nadesar Palace is the perfect antidote to the humbling experience that is Varanasi – a city where the Hindus aspire to get cremated for their ‘next’ journey. The characterful streets of the Ganges adjacent part of town are slim enough for a single person (or cow) to pass through, but hoard in them timeless legends. Varanasi can be fascinating, charming or altogether overwhelming. That’s why we choose Nadesar Palace as the perfect balm to the bruised-by-stimuli brain. Don’t be mistaken, visiting Varanasi is an essential India experience, but it’s best done when you can come back to a luxurious room.

The Nadesar Palace lies close to the old city where the stepped ghats merge with the river and the sound of temple bells is permanent background score. The rooms are inspired from the royal homes and take the colours from jasmines and marigolds that are offered in the river. In-house experiences include the signature Jiva spa, sipping hot tea in traditional earthen pots and relaxing by the mango orchard. Golf enthusiasts can tee off at a mini golf course, one can take a heritage tour of the palace in a royal horse carriage or take a guided tour of the city.

The old and new converge at Nadesar in the heritage ambience with new-age amenities and facilities.


Banarasi chai experience
Immersive experience of the city with well-informed guides
A royal carriage ride at the palace


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